Super Tasting Kit




The PROP supertasting story
One of the hottest developments in flavor research in recent years is the discovery that people differ in their sensitivities to tastes, and that these differences are due to the particular taste genes they have inherited. One fun way to determine what your taste genes and sensitivities might be is called the PROP-tasting test. Depending on what you experience when you taste the compound PROP (6-n-propylthiouracil), you can be classified as a PROP super-taster, medium-taster or non-taster. Studies have linked PROP sensitivity to the types of food you prefer to eat (e.g. PROP supertasters tend to dislike fatty foods and bitter vegetables) as well as diet-related disease risks, such as obesity and coronary heart disease.

Supertasting and wine
Recent research from Dr. Pickering (our President!) and colleagues have shown that PROP supertasters experience the flavors from wine more intensely, are able to discriminate finer sensations in wine, and may prefer different wine to non-tasters. Winemakers, wine writers, and other wine experts are also more likely to be PROP supertasters than ‘average’ wine consumers!


The kit

  • Our unique, beautifully packaged kit comes shipped in a glossy black box and includes
  • 4 individual PROP taste discs – you can test yourself and 3 friends
  • An information booklet with full instructions
  • Scales
  • A key to interpret your results
  • Exclusive online supertasting resource center that contains free educational material on supertasting, additional scales, and the latest research results on this fascinating phenomenon!

Our test is easy, accurate, and takes seconds to complete. Stick out your tongue, place the PROP taste disc on, record what you taste, and look up the results key to see what sort of taster you are!

(Supertasting kit for 4 people)