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White Wine Mouthfeel WheelTM

The feel  of wine in your mouth - or its 'texture' - is widely recognized as a critical quality indicator for wine, and an important part of overall consumer appeal. Think of the body and fullness of an Alsatian Gewürztraminer, the creamy texture of a sur-lees style Chardonnay or the pleasant tingle of a fine Champagne in your mouth. This unique wheel was developed after extensive research as a tool for wine lovers to better understand and communicate the nuances of wine mouthfeel. Works great with all wine styles, and full instructions on how to use it are provided. Supported by free, downloadable resources to help you become an expert in wine texture.


Front of wheel

front - white wine mouthfeel wheel



Back of wheel

back - white wine mouthfeel wheel

$19.95/each (CAD)



 (If you would like to order 10 or more wheels, please Contact Us for special pricing)



Further resources:


Click here for reference standards, definitions, and evaluation protocols for wine mouthfeel terms



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