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Wine Faults Aroma Kit

The best product for training your nose to identify wine faults and defects ever. Period. Used by many of the best wine schools, universities and sommelier training programs around the world. Each beautifully packaged kit consists of 12 vials containing the scent of the most commonly encountered wine faults, along with an exhaustive booklet explaining how each of the faults arise during winemaking, and how they can be prevented or remediated.


'Brett', 'VA', 'oxidized'; ever wondered what these wine-speak terms mean?                              view testimonials

What does 'corked' wine actually smell like & what should you do if your wine IS corked?        

'Sulfur', 'geranium', 'maderized'; how are these defects formed & what can be done to fix them?


Designed for professional and amateur winemakers, sommeliers, wine students, retail staff, and oenophiles simply wanting to expand their wine knowledge and palates, this kit really is a 'must have'. We're so confident, we offer a 100% no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.


Wine faults aroma kit






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$159/each (CAD)



(If you would like to order 5 or more kits, please Contact Us for special pricing)



Order now, and we'll include the Wine Defects Wheel - the perfect portable wine faults and remediation guide

Wine Defects Wheel

- for half price! The ultimate wine faults training and education package. And it's fun!


$172/each (Faults Kit + Defects Wheel) (CAD)





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