Jancis Robinson


"By a long measure the best wine writer in the world" 

- Paul Levy, The Wall Street Journal

How to Taste book


"The most talented of the world's wine writers"

- Robert M. Parker, JR


"A thorough, no-nonsense approach to unlocking some of the mysteries of appreciating

and enjoying wine"

- Frank Prial, New York Times

"Robinson's reputation as a brilliant wine writer and expert, by anyone's definition, doesn't get in

the way of her presenting a thoroughly helpful book, approachable, well-balanced and often fun"

- Bonnie Walker, San Antonio Express-News



Wine aroma kits

Red wine aroma kit


“This is truly a beautiful product and I would be very proud to endorse it and present

it to the wine establishment anywhere!”

– Alain Gregoire, sommelier and writer of Wine Spectator Grand award list, Nevada



“The aromas are startlingly accurate and have been professionally selected to guide the

wine lover through wine’s most intriguing nuances”
– Peter Gamble, International Wine Judge, Founding Executive Director of VQA Canada



“ .... a much needed education tool that will greatly assist the consumer in better understanding 

the not so subtle nuances in the art of wine sensory evaluation. Clearly articulated, easy to follow,

affordable and can also add some fun to assist in ‘verbalizing’ the complicated science of wine”
– Donald Ziraldo, Inniskillin



“From the dedication and expertise of industry professionals comes a wine tasting tool that can

benefit all who wish to further their wine knowledge. The quality ....  is outstanding. The

complimentary reference material, and the rich varietal ‘kit’ packaging makes this a great gift

and collector’s item.

– David Hulley, Oenologist, Educator, Retail Consultant


“As a professional wine trainer, the .... kit is an educational, yet entertaining hands-on tool to

teach others about the complex world of wine.”
– David Laroque, Wine Educator

“My students find these kits extremely helpful in understanding what those mysterious wine

descriptions mean. Oak, Geranium, Currants … all just words until they have a smell. I find the ....

kits to be an invaluable teaching tool.”
– Dr Jeannine Delwiche, instructor of Wine and Beer in Western Culture at the Ohio State University

Impress your friends. The art of tasting is a life skill. It’s like knowing how to play the piano,

how to cook, how to sing … it sets you apart, just a little, just at the right time.”

Denis Carignan, customer


“How would you like to order a bottle of wine in a restaurant and know that it’s not good? Can you

tell the waiter why it’s not good and why you are sending it back? Wouldn’t it be great to tell the

waiter exactly what you are looking for and not be subjected to his/her interpretation of what you like?”

Paul Vernis, customer



“I sprung these kits on my guests this past weekend and it’s amazing what happens! Everyone,

without exception, wanted to know where I got them and where they can find them!

Lots of fun and such a great conversation piece on everyone’s favourite topic: wine.”

Reg Desrosiers, President of Zip Zoom National



“I scoured the internet and Wine Awakenings has the only varietal kits to be found anywhere! Great for

sharing with friends and an indispensable tool for true wine appreciation learning! Out with the

old stuffy snobbery around wine knowledge and ‘in’ with the new ways of wine leisure education.”
– Christine Dibblee, 25 yrs old budding wine connoisseur



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