"By a long measure the best wine writer in the world" - The Wall Street Journal            "Truly a beautiful product and I would be very proud to endorse it and present it to the wine establishment anywhere" - Alain Gregoire, sommelier           “The aromas are startlingly accurate … professionally selected to guide the wine lover through wine’s most intriguing nuances” – Peter Gamble, International Wine Judge          “ ... will greatly assist the consumer in ... the art of wine sensory evaluation. Clearly articulated, easy to follow, affordable and can also add some fun to … the complicated science of wine” – Donald Ziraldo, Inniskillin Wines          “ The quality ... is outstanding … a great gift and collector’s item” – David Hulley, Oenologist, Educator, Retail Consultant          "The most talented of the world's wine writers" - Robert M. Parker          "As a professional wine trainer, the .... kit is an educational, … entertaining hands-on tool to teach others about the complex world of wine” – David Laroque, Wine Educator          “ ... an invaluable teaching tool” – Dr Jeannine Delwiche, Ohio State University          “I sprung these kits on my guests ... and it’s amazing what happens! Everyone, without exception, wanted to know where I got them and where they can find them! Lots of fun and such a great conversation piece ...” – Reg Desrosiers, President of Zip Zoom National

This is it! The ultimate in wine education products. The most comprehensive, authoritative and fun program for learning about wine appreciation we've ever seen. Some of the best education materials on the market have been integrated into this course,  which uses a holistic series of hands-on and nose-on exercises to help you understand and hone all the modes of sensing important to wine - smell, taste and feel.

Wine Expert In A Box Components


The 'text' for the course is Jancis Robinson's seminal 'How to Taste ' - one of the most definitive yet approachable books on wine ever written. A series of tasting exercises and commentaries based on the book will guide you through the rich and sometimes daunting world of wine and wine appreciation. Jancis Robinson, a Master of Wine, has been variously described as "... the most talented of the world's wine writers" (Robert Parker, JR) " and "By a long measure the best wine writer in the world" (The Wall Street Journal).


The programme can be completed at your own pace, and on completion you will receive an official Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Wine Appreciation.


Here are some of the tools you'll find in the kit (click on each image below for a close-up, and more information):




   A set of 24 aromas representing the main scents found in wine. Examples from white wine, such as mineral, butterscotch &

   melon; red wine, including cherry, truffle & cassis; and wine faults, such as corked, brett & oxidised. Train your nose with these

            exceptional aromas, and within minutes you'll be experiencing and describing wine like the experts!


How to Taste - text


   A copy of How to Taste by Jancis Robinson; your ‘textbook' for the course. An excellent, easy to read introduction to the wine

   styles of the world and how to appreciate them.


Wine Aroma Wheel

   A copy of the Wine Aroma Wheel, Prof Ann Noble's pioneering lexicon for characterising wine aroma and flavour. Learn about the

   subtleties of accurately describing aroma as you smell your way through the exercises.


Taste Disc

   Unique to the Wine-Expert-In-A-Box; 5 sets of taste discs, with which you can literally taste the taste sensations elicited by wine.

   Place the discs on your tongue and experience Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Salty or Umami as you read about the relevant wines.


Mouthfeel Wheel

   A copy of the White Wine Mouthfeel Wheel, Prof Gary Pickering's scientifically established method for understanding and

   classifying the myriad of 'feel' sensations found in red and white wines. Velvet, viscosity, cloying, particulate... soon you will have

   the language and knowledge to appreciate the mouthfeel of wine.  


Texture Card

   The Wine Texture Card. A unique tool that allows you to experience the complex feel of wine in the mouth through interactive

   tactile exercises. Illustrative wines are selected for you to taste and match with the textures on The Card.


Instruction Manual

   A comprehensive 140 page Instruction Manual that walks you through the 8 learning modules, explains each of the kit's 

   components and exercises, expands on the text, and prepares you for the online test that leads to your Certificate of

   Achievement. The Manual concludes with the Serving Wine module - how to prepare and present wine for service professionals.

Designed and presented by some of the world's leading wine educators, the Wine-Expert-In-A-Box will allow you to understand and speak with confidence about all aspects of wine; either for commercial application within the hospitality industry or for personal enrichment. The programme creates a virtual classroom environment and a 'total wine experience' through its integrated and interactive approach to wine learning.


Enjoyed by professional and amateur winemakers, sommeliers, wine students, retail staff, and wine consumers simply wanting to expand their wine knowledge and palates, this kit is the 'must have'.


"Why pay thousands of dollars to learn wine appreciation ... now you can earn a certificate for far less and in the comfort of your own home at your pace"


- Amato De Civita, President, Wine Awakenings


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