Welcome to Picksen International


Picksen International Inc is a sensory and oenology consulting company providing expert services to the wine and alcoholic beverage industry.


We specialize in all areas involving wine quality and flavour, including:


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   - sensory and chemical analysis

   - taint and off-flavour identification

   - quality control support
   - custom research and product development for industry and industry suppliers
   - expert witness services

   - litigation support
   - forensic investigation and testing

   - insurance and intellectual property matters
   - wine education and training

   - wine marketing


We also sell from a select portfolio of exceptional wine education products.


Picksen International and its owner, Dr Gary Pickering, have been key participants in the development of wine quality assessment tools, wine and sensory research, and servicing wine industry needs globally since 1997. Gary is also the inventor of the supertasting kit and co-developer of the Wine Aroma Kits. We look forward to being of assistance to you. Follow the links above for more information on our services or to purchase products online.



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